Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Work Experience + Friend

Gua dah on balik :)

Today. Is my first day of my Work Experience. Nervous gilerr doh. I work at Star House Connexion, City Center. I went to work by tram and its my first time go on tram alone tau. Selalu nya aku naik tram with my family or friends :P My supervisor, Dave Holland, memang friendly giler! He take a walk with me in the building so i dont get lost when i walk alone :P Besar giler building dia.

Kerja aku ni kat office :D kerja guna computer je :P I choose this work cus i can rilek skit :D Hahaha.. But masa aku tengah typing notes kan, I fell asleep! about 20 minutes! Hahahahaha.. And no one noticed that i slept. Nasib baik tau. Masa tu aku memang penat but i sleep early last night. Badan aku rasa penat skit hari ni :P

Masa lunch pulak, my supervisor said that i can go out and eat at any restaurant :D Best tau! So i went to the nearest halal restaurant there. Aslan's restaurant, sedap gilerr. Aku makan Burger and ayam goreng and drink air mineral ajek ;) I also met some Malaysian people and i dont even know them xD Diorang tu student university lerr :P Aku senyum je kat diorang :)

People at my work experience, they're so friendly!! They came out to me and we chat :D But im the only person whose on work experience in that building xD But my supervisor said that there is one guy from another school will work in this place next week. Hooray! Finally ada teman gak xD Masa nak balik pula, i almost lost in Town xD Nasib baik aku jumpa jalan yang aku kenal sikit :) Aku balik naik tram juga :P

This work experience is 2 weeks long!! Omg! About my friend.. Afini, she's going back to Malaysia. She will stop go to school this Wednesday :( And that day im still on work experience :( We aint got to meet each other in school anymore. But we will meet anyway at Manchester Airport :P Good luck to you and your family when you're gone :)

P.S Thanks to Aisyah for saying good luck to me :)


  1. Haha. I like. work experience best auw klu tmpt kerja kau pilih tu best ! serious.
    i like i like.
    haha. afini nk balik dh? when?

  2. Tak tau lagi bila dia balik :P
    tapi nak dekat dah

  3. budak engineering rupanya..