Thursday, 3 November 2011

Dedicated to Megat

Assalamualaikum! So today shahrin nak update Tagg from one of my bestie, Megat :) Sorry sebab baru je buat tag ni. sebenarnya dah lama dah di tag ni. But now baru nak buat haha. So here you go!

1. If you are in relationship now, who's your boyfriend/girlfriend? if no, who's your crush?: Ermmm you know who megat :p

2. Teacher (s) in your school you hate the most?: No offence to no one. But i dont like our Sejarah teacher cause she talks too slow. Bila tak paham sikit. kene marah. And semua yang dia ajar copy from buku teks -_-

3. Still virgin? *LoL what kind of question is this -..-*: Haha of course lah!

4. Now, please imagine a person who will be your future husband/wife. what's his/her name?: And again, you know who :p

5. How many children you want? How many boy (s) and/or girl (s)?: At least 4 children. 2 boys and 2 girls.

6. What you'll say when you are proposing your crush?: "Hey beautiful, will you marry me?" Hahaha okay.

7. Your favorite cartoon?: Detective Conan. Upin dan Ipin and Spongebob Squarepants.

8. Do you love me?: Yes i do very much.

9. Where will your marriage event take place?: Beside the beach masa matahari nak turun haha.

10. Your ambition?: Electrical Engineer. InsyaAllah!

11. Your biggest secret? LoL jkjk. Who's your best friend?: Haaa too many type lah. And your one of them :)

12. Do you often read my blog?: I do whenever im bored :)

*Thanks for tagging megat! :)


  1. errmm. haha. xpaham -.-'

    :) shahrin haiii~
    bile nak wat video baru?
    ok. suka bile shahrin cakap ''buat lawak eh?
    haha :)u are something.

  2. okay sekarang rasa macam nk tahu who is that lucky girl .hmmm .haha .
    btw ,good luck shahrin ! I'll always support you :)

  3. Abg shahrin pon minat detective conan??!!..hahahaha samelah kite...hihihi