Friday, 15 April 2011

How To Spin Things

Yay yay ada video baru! Yay yay! haha well I just done my 5th video! and Its about "Spinning Tutorials" :)

A lot of you guys and girls ask me how can I spin a book. So in this video, i show you the exact and easy way to do it. So apo lagi. pi lah tengok :p haha jk jk. And also want to apologize to those who have been waiting for this new video for a long time. Im sorry. Its because that Im not very well and masa tak banyak, sakit tekak pulak tu. But sebagai orang yang peramah dan macho, shahrin tetap buat jugak video ni. Ikhlas :) bukan terpaksa haha.

Fun sebenarnya buat video kali ni because ada banyak buat mistake -_- :D Also i hope you guys and girls enjoy it. If you lot have some ideas of the next video. habaq mai! Tak mau malu malu. Shy people ain't cool! :)

And YES. In this video. I spin book, pillow, plate, laptop and basketball tapi tak jadi XD


  1. haha.. last part yang best..
    tiba2 jee tak bayar bil..

  2. hehe semua yang tengok video ni tak bayar bil ahah :D

  3. dari kecil memang tak pandai nak spin benda2 gini..spin orang pandai la